Benediction: Philippians 3:15-21

Wendell Berry has characterized modern political discourse as “groups pressuring other groups to do the things they themselves are unwilling to do.” Certainly the way we vote should reflect the love we are called to as Christians, but if it is not accompanied by person to person expressions of that same love, what good is it? Whoever wins the election may have the ability to influence behavior, but they cannot change hearts. They will not love your neighbor for you.

Jesus is Lord of all Creation, United States included, and yet he still bent down to wash his disciples’ feet.

The hands of Jesus aren’t just around the world, but also mending the wounds of the broken people in it. May our church be a church known by its love. May you be a known as a Christ Follower who overflows with his love.

May you go in Peace

October 4th, 2020

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