Benediction: Philippians 3:1-14

In the Old Testament, God established many feasts and celebrations. These were often command performances — no opting out. Because God loves His parties, and while they are certainly for His people, they are not about His people–but about His provision, His love, His faithfulness. I have to imagine there were plenty of Jewish people who woke up on a feast day with a headache. But, there is a discipline to Joy, and parties, feasts and festivals are a great place to practice. Because no matter if you ate some bad fish on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day is still the commemoration of God becoming man. Because even if you’re hospitalized on Good Friday, Easter is still the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave, having suffered, died, and rose again that he might begin forming you into the best version of yourself. That’s cause for joy. May you find occasion to celebrate, to party, and whether or not you feel like it, may you know the profound love God has for you and may that bring you Joy.

September 27th, 2020

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