Benediction: Luke 1:26-28

I’ve always been fascinated by the “Island of Misfit Toys”. But it’s also always bothered me, because honestly, most of the residents aren’t that misfitted — a lot of them are really just misnamed and if I were empty-handed and on my to a child’s birthday party, I wouldn’t feel that terrible about buying one of them as a present.

Except for one. The train with square wheels.

I can picture my 4-year-old son screaming at it as he knows what it should do, and is completely incapable of doing. The bird who only swims is kind of cool,

I like the designs on the spotted elephant,

the Charlie in the box is totally functional.

But this thing is a paperweight, a frustrating paperweight.

But I bet it’s for sale somewhere, and I bet it sells pretty well and not because of it’s nature, which is terrible, or because of the fun to be had, which is very little, but because of the Beloved Christmas story that it was made a part of–About another who comes and lives among the misfits as a misfit, then by whose risk and sacrifice the Train with Square Wheels is positioned to be accepted, loved and cherished–to finally belong. And that of course, is your story too. The Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought you into His story of redemption and has positioned you to be eternally loved and belong forever.

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