Benediction: On “Communion”

Jesus’ last meal was with a bunch of cowards and backstabbers, and he knew it.

He went on from that meal to be lied about, betrayed, arrested, beaten and murdered.

To add insult to injury, after the crucifixion we read how the disciples seem to have given up on the whole thing and gone back to fishing,

Then one morning, Jesus meets them on the beach.

And before receiving an apology or explanation, he invites the same group back to the table and he prepares a meal for them.

To the same people who said “I don’t know you,” leaving him to die alone, he says, “Come and eat with me.”

And I think that’s a great model for a church where the only criterion for belonging is that you’ve been invited by Jesus.

And as it turns out, that excludes no one.

You’ve been invited. Come to the table and receive his love.

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