Benediction: The Prodigal Son

Enter into the perspective of the younger son.

You’ve spit in your father’s face, left home and lived a failed life, and are now headed back to his house.
You crest the hill and your father’s house comes into view.

Do you believe he would still run to you?

Or are you still practicing your speech?

Practicing your speech to explain why your faith has been lukewarm lately, but it’s going to get better soon. To explain why you haven’t read your Bible or Prayed in weeks, but you’ll start tonight. To explain why you haven’t yet dealt with the shameful stain of sin on your conscience, but you’ll confess tomorrow?

Whatever you think you need to say first, the good news is all your talk is useless, because he’s already running.

And as one writer put it, he’s so excited he forgot to put his shoes on.

Sinner come home.

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