Benediction: Truth or Dare

How fascinating is it that the game “Truth or Dare” exists? The whole premise of this game is that as often as not, we’d agree to do some unknown, humiliating and shameful task in front of other people, instead of risk making ourselves known.

But why does anyone ever choose to play this game? Why doesn’t everyone just pick “Truth” and lie? What’s the compulsion to ever pick truth and answer honestly?

And isn’t because we want to be known, we’re chasing the experience of revealing that dark, humiliating secret and find that instead of laughter and shock we’re met with love and acceptance.

What’s incredible for the believer, is that rather than just accept us, the Truth himself chases us. And he chases us because to him we are fully known–every broken piece–and despite it all, fully loved.

He is making you beautiful.

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